"When I guest co-hosted The View on ABC, I didn’t have a clue what to wear. Then I was introduced to Tamara who picked out a fabulous dress that won me tons of praise by Whoopi Goldberg along with many other friends and colleagues. Tamara helped me make the perfect splash in front of millions."
-Margaret Hoover, Fox News Contributor
"Working with Tamara has been a dream! She has the most impeccable eye for fashion and she not only gets my style but she also opens my eyes to things I would not normally consider. I know I'll look amazing if Tamara recommended it"
-Amy Paffrath
"If you're looking for a creative force in the fashion industry, Tamara is the stylist for you. She always goes above and beyond to ensure that I look and feel my best. Thanks to Tamara's amazing, fashion forward savvy, I can focus on doing a great job on camera and leave the fashion details to her."
-Kandace Mathews, Best Docs Show Co-host and Miss USA 2001
"Working with Tamara is always so easy. I feel like she really picks up on my style and taste and is always cost conscious. When I needed an outfit to attend the First Ladies lunch at the White House, Tamara picked out something truly outstanding. I felt great in the suit and received a lot of compliments as well. It was perfect for the event."
-Julie Johncox, President JP Solutions
"With a sharp eye and a great knowledge of what’s hip and current, Tamara revamped my wardrobe. She arranged my clothing by seasons so I could see the fashion gaps. Now I have a lot more colors, prints and fun accessories in my closet. I’m even wearing great pieces I never would have selected without her encourage. And what I appreciate most, is Tamara understands my style, taste, and budget. Never pushy, she helps me select what’s right for me!"
-Tara Wilson, President Tara Wilson Events
"She is the perfect ‘balance of contradiction’. Tamara is crazy fun but cautious, sassy but sincere, sexy but demure, witty but thoughtful, fun but hard working, magnificent but modest, naughty but nice, stilettos but slippers, eloquent but hip, Fort Worth but New York, and she is always, without contradiction…smart."
-Toni Lewis